Robo Calls

Technology has advanced to where it integrates seamlessly into winning campaigns. At CampaignLA, we can integrate automatic phone calls and effective email messages to targeted voters, allowing you to effectively get your message out at an affordable cost.

During a recent special election, an issue came up the weekend before the election. Within 90 minutes of the issue cropping up, a pre-recorded phone message was drafted, fine tuned, and recorded. Then within 22 minutes, over 4,500 phone calls went out with a pre-recorded message. Our technology allowed us to track how many households actually listened to the call vs how many calls were left on answering machines. The response was a rousing success and did the job it was intended to do.

CampaignLA’s affordable technology gives you the ability to call and email your targeted audience within minutes without wasting precious resources. Call us to learn how this stunning technology can be put to work on your winning campaign!

Need to send Emails? No Problem – just give us a call!

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