Voter Data

CampaignLA gives you the winning edge! Our precinct walking lists are up to date, are filled with essential data for the candidate and their campaign, ensuring winning results. Our voter walk list detail the voters propensity to vote in municipal elections, along with key data such as number of voters in the household, current phone numbers, and whether or not they are key ABSENTEE VOTERS! Our registered voter list is current and up to date.

In addition, as Municipal Elections are NOT RUN by the County of Los Angeles, our data has the key voting records of high propensity MUNI voters who have a proven history of voting in local muni elections. CampaignLA goes to every municipal city in Los Angeles County and directly scans the voter rosters from past elections. We have municipal voting history going back to 1990!

CampaignLA’s voter data is vital, valid AND affordable.

Valid voter data is vital to your success!

voter data

Here is a sample of a walklist. Please click on the thumbnail for a bigger image.


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